Some of the chief reasons, why we score over manual cleaning of tanks and other companies doing similar work are:

  1. We have the expertise & experience to clean & disinfect tanks from 500ltrs. To 37 lac ltrs. With documentary proof.
  2. We have been covered extensively in news & articles in the Times of India, The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Franchising world, Franchise Today, Franchise Plus time & again.
  3. Recognitions and Acknowledgement from
    • Times of India : The Best business opportunity – 2013
    • The Franchising World : The Best Business Ideas – 2013
    • The Economic Times: Off Beat Franchise Brand – 2013
    • Think Media Inc.. New Delhi: Service Excellence Award – 2013
  4. Pan India Franchisee Network of more than 40 franchisee & further increasing.
  5. We adopt the widely used six steps cleaning steps and do not use any detergents, phenyls or acids inside the tank for cleaning which are hazardous for human consumption.
  6. All our technicians are thoroughly trained, exclusively dressed, medically insured and are expert in cleaning of WST unlike uneducated labors without any medical history.
  7. We have the expertise and experience of cleaning and disinfecting tanks that range from 500lts to 35lac litres and have cleaned more than 7000 tanks till now in the entire state of Chhattisgarh, part of Maharashtra, Orissa successfully in the last 4 years.
  8. We have approvals from large municipal corporations, nagar panchayat, hospitals, restaurants, star hotels, apartments, shopping malls, corporate and myriads of govt and private institutions for annual cleaning and disinfection of their WST.
  9. We strictly follow every safety norm and adopt international hygiene standards in carrying out our responsibility of cleaning the tanks. Our success story is testimony to this very fact.

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