Mechanised Cleaning and Disinfection of

  1. Water Storage Tanks (Any size, anywhere, any make) underground/overhead
  2. Office floors /factories

Supply and Installation of

  1. Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Plant both domestics and Industrial.
  2. Softening Plant
  3. Waste Water Treatment Plant
  4. Sewage Treatment Plant
  5. Chlorinators
  6. Fountains & Swimming pool

Water Testing facility

Rain Water Harvesting

Complete water solutions to your plant and residence with consultancy.

Mechanized Cleaning and Disinfection of WST

We adopt seven step cleaning process:

  1. Mechanized Dewatering of WST
  2. Removal of Sludge lying on the bottom of WST through special Sludge Pumps.
  3. Cleaning of Internal Walls of WST through High Pressure Rotary Jets from Germany.
  4. Vacuum Cleaning of the floor of WST through Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.
  5. Spray of H2O2 inside the tanks as an Anti Bacterial Agent.
  6. U V Radiation of the Tank.
  7. Spray of bleaching powder in prescribed quantity after final cleaning of the tank.


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Clean Tanks Leads to Cleaner Water