About Us

FASTCLEANTM under the banner of Water Care Services was founded by Manoj Agarwal, who has done his post graduate diploma in Marketing after he successfully launched professional tank cleaning services company in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He achieved the feat way back in 2006 through his unique marketing approach and unmatched commitment to the service industry.

During his course of finding a solution to the urgent and basic need to have Water Storage Tanks (WST) that should be regularly cleaned and disinfected through a widely used six mechanized cleaning steps, he got immediate response from the govt. and private sectors and approval from corporations whose tanks remained unclean in the absence of a mechanical method to clean them.

Water being the most precious element for human consumption needs to be stored in a clean and properly disinfected tank is a phenomenon tha t everybody understands. However, due to lack of awareness and scientific mechanism, these tanks remain unprotected and uncared for.

Here, exactly, we come in as a professional tank cleaning Service Company.

Our Vision

FASTCLEANTM under the banner of Water Care Services has a vision to become No 1 Brand in India as the most trusted and sought after company engaged in professional tank cleaning services helping people get cleaner and safer water in the days to come. Care, Commitment and Consistency to Perform are the three mantras we adhere to strictly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take this company through our franchisee network to every city and town of the country within the next three years, to make FASTCLEANTM a brand name to reckon with in multi-cleaning service industry.


  • Winner of "Service Excellence in Healthcare & Hygiene." Presented by Diana Haeden, former Miss World, Dr. Xavier, Director IIM Rachi, Vijay Batra, CEO Think Media Inc.

  • » India’s No.1 brand in professional tank Cleaning service industry.
  • » Acknowledged & recognized as the Best Business Idea for 2013 by the Franchising world, Times of India, Economic Times, Franchise Mart etc.
  • » Cleaned & disinfected tanks from 500 ltrs. to 37 lac ltrs.
  • » India’s largest and Chattisgarh’s No.1 professional Tank Cleaning service provider.
  • » Recognition and approval from Govt. bodies & Private Corporate.
  • » Multi-step scientific way of Cleaning & Disinfecting water storage tanks.
  • » Complete Water Solutions Company.